"where luxury and naturally sourced skincare meet.."

formulated with the finest ingredients that nature has to offer..

handcrafted in small batches with love..

prioritizing self care in the comfort of your home..

black woman owned..


I just used my body butter and oil for the first time and it's so freaking good! I normally only use lotion but i'm never going back now! I use it everyday and will be ordering more! Thank you for creating this brand!

Los Angeles, CA

They're amazing!! The body scrub is my favorite, it's really the best one I've used!

Atlanta, GA

Had the opportunity to discover your brand today at Black on the Block. Purchased two body butters and just wanted to say they're soooo dope! The scents are A1 and they feel great. As you continue in this business keep doing your thing. You have a dope brand and I hope yall continue to prosper!

Pasadena, CA

This exfoliant got my body feeling rightttt! I love it so much!

Palmdale, CA

Hi! I just wanted to say I'm SO happy I found you at Black On The Block. i've had Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms since I was very young and have literally tried every product imaginable. I even started getting laser treatments on my arms in hopes that it would help but nothing really got rid of it. I bought your Strawberries & Cream body butter and my arms look so amazingly smooth now! I can't tell you how happy I am that I've found your product. I just bought my next one!

Los Angeles, CA

I love your products! Literally leaves my skin feeling so soft and not oily at all, just moisturized enough! The smell is so divine too! Amazing!

Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE IT! The body butter is so moisturizing and it smells so good!

Cleveland, OH

I love the body butter it smells so amazing and keeps my skin moisturized all day!

Victorville, CA